Wanna Stay with You Tonight

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Juan Pedro Villalobos

5/16/20241 min read

a man and woman in a car with lights on
a man and woman in a car with lights on

I had the pleasure of listening to Olivier Delacroix's new song, "Wanna Stay with You Tonight", and I must say that the incorporation of sound design in its musical production is highly appreciated. The use of ambient sounds, such as birds chirping, integrated as musical elements, is truly commendable.

Additionally, the inclusion of background vocals that emulate a larger chorus adds impressive sophistication to the composition. The level of precision in the vocal production is truly remarkable. Each voice perfectly complements the song and blends effortlessly with the other elements, creating a cohesive and harmonious sound.

The significance of well-executed vocal production cannot be overstated. Having a captivating voice is crucial to the success of any song, and in this case, Olivier has demonstrated control and application of his vocal talent that results in an exceptional piece of music.


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